Carrettino Gelataio. Italian Ice Cream Cart Silver & wood

Italian Ice Cream. A Sterling silver classic Italian Ice Cream Tricycle, deliciously creamy ice-creams from a hand made Sterling silver Italy...... more info

Sterling silver box Shagreen inlayed Black - Hand Made

Shagreen inlayed sterling silver box 85mm entirely hand made by James Dougall the award winning silver designer and silversmith. Fascinating with...... more info

Alfa Romeo Gran Sport 6 1931 - Sterling Silver

Silver Vintage Alfa Romeo Gran Sport 6 1931 Length 10.5cms. Width 4cms. Height 3cms. Classic Handmade car, made with love in...... more info

Silver and Enamel Italian biplane

Hand made Silver Biplane Italian War plane from World War One. Length 5.5cms. Width 6.3cms. Height 2.6cms. Enamelled in vivid colours A biplane...... more info

Riva Wood & silver Italian Speed boat

Italian Silver and Wooden Riva Speed boat -Motoscafo Riva Saccetti combine high performance with design and functions offering luxury boats and...... more info

Hasselblad 500 EL/M '10 Years on the Moon'

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Hasselblad 500 EL/M '10 Years on the Moon' Camera This is a special issue EL/M body made available in 1979 to mark the tenth anniversary of the moon...... more info

Italian Road Bike - Sterling Silver

Sacchetti Italian road bicycles have a mystique which cannot be argued. This mystique, creates appeal and desire. Sacchetti bikes are works of...... more info

Italian Time trial racing bicycle - Sterling Silver

Italian time trial bicycle hand made by Sacchetti. The disc wheel is one of the best ways to improve the aerodynamic performance of your time trial...... more info

Italian violin and case

The perfect gift for musicians and violinists. Italian violins represent to many people the epitome of violin-making. Due to the increasing demand...... more info

Italian silver enamel monoplane

Hand made Silver Monoplane Italian War plane from World War One. Length 5.0cms. Width 6.0cms. Height 2.5 cms. Enamelled in vivid colours... more info


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