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Italian violin and case


The perfect gift for musicians and violinists.
Italian violins represent to many people the epitome of violin-making.
Due to the increasing demand for such violins, We are able to offer this fine Italian violin.

Our violins are hand made in Arezzo Italy. The Violins are available in the UK - London & Chester.
Each individual instrument is a hand-crafted work of art, with its own distinct voice.

Italian Violin and Case Violin:
Length 9cms. Width 3.2cms. Height 1.3cms.
Case: Length 13cms. Width 5cms. Height 2.5cms.
Hand made in the finest wood and silver.

STRADIVARI, Antonio, Cremona.
"The instrument on which he played
Was in Cremona's workshops made,
By a great master of the past,
Ere yet was lost the art divine;
Fashioned of maple and of pine,
That in Tyrolian forests vast
Had rocked and wrestled with the blast;
Exquisite was it in design,
A marvel of the lutist's art,
Perfect in each minutest part;
And in its hollow chamber, thus,
The maker from whose hands it came
Had written his unrivalled name—
'Antonius Stradivarius.'"—

Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis
Faciebat Anno 17—

The renown of this remarkable maker of Violins is beyond that of all others;
his praise has been sung alike by poet, artist, and musician.
His magic name is ever rising to the lips in the presence of the "king of instruments";
its sound is as familiar to the humble player as to the finished artist.
He has received the undisputed homage of two centuries,
and time seems but to add to the number and devotion of his liege subjects:
to-day he is as little likely to be dethroned as Shakespeare.


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  • Model: SM0101 violin
  • Gemstone: Silver

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