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Ring Sizing London Ring Resizing

Ring Sizing London Ring Resizing
London jewellers - Getting the ring size right. Ring sizing work resizing & jewelry Hatton Garden. Personalised service for Ring sizing and Ring resizing London. Hatton garden Ring sizing.
RING SIZING - Is your ring too large? Is your ring too small? Whether you need your own ring resized or ring adjusted, resizing a ring or buying a white gold ring a yellow gold ring, an engagement ring set with diamonds or gemstones, even wedding rings, we understand the importance of getting the ring size right and your ring perfectly fitted and adjusted. So phrases like "my ring is too big", "my ring is too tight", "my ring is too loose" or "my ring is too small" are easy for us to deal with. Ring sizing London. Ring resizing, ring alteration Hatton Garden Ring adjustments. Ring sizing Hatton Garden London "in house". Changing a yellow gold ring band to white gold band or change white shank to yellow. Our jewellery workshop can resize the most intricate ring sizing job, tricky ring resizing, next day ring sizing. We can size complex rings with our sophisicated laser techniques.
Ring sizing and ring resizing and alterations for:
Sterling Siilver, Palladium , Yellow Gold 9ct, .375, 14ct, .585, 14k, 18ct, 750, 916, 18k, 22ct gold, White Gold, Pink Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum 950.

Our jewellery workshop is close to the West End, Barbican, City of London, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Chancery Lane, Cheapside, Covent Garden, Holborn, Fleet Street, Strand, St Pauls, where you are welcome to visit us.

At La Scala jewellery London and
Hirschfelds, we want to make sure that shopping in our online London jewellery boutique, or having your own ring resized, is as easy as possible and as quicly as possible.
138 Years of outstanding Ring Sizing Service since 1875.

Ring sizing by post. Royal Mail Special Delivery by post ring sizing postal service is most welcome.
Click here for our online postal Form to send us your ring alterations and postal ring sizings.

Are you unsure of your finger size? Measure your finger with our free ring sizer. Our free ring size guide ring sizer is very easy to use and comes with full instructions so that you can order your ring from our secure website with confidence.
Alternatively please visit us to collect your
Free Ring Sizer London

Inside diameter Inside circumference Ring Sizes
(in) (mm) (in) (mm) USA UK
0.46 11.63 1.44 36.50 0  
0.47 11.84 1.46 37.20 ¼  
0.47 12.04 1.49 37.80 ½ A
0.48 12.24 1.51 38.50 ¾
0.49 12.45 1.54 39.10 1 B
0.50 12.65 1.56 39.70
0.51 12.85 1.59 40.40 C
0.51 13.06 1.61 41.00
0.52 13.26 1.64 41.70 2 D
0.53 13.46 1.67 42.30
0.54 13.67 1.69 42.90 E
0.55 13.87 1.72 43.60
0.55 14.07 1.74 44.20 3 F
0.56 14.27 1.77 44.80
0.57 14.48 1.79 45.50 G
0.58 14.68 1.82 46.10
0.59 14.88 1.84 46.80 4 H
0.59 15.09 1.87 47.40
0.60 15.29 1.89 48.00 I
0.61 15.49 1.92 48.70 J
0.62 15.70 1.94 49.30 5
0.63 15.90 1.97 50.00 K
0.63 16.10 1.99 50.60
0.64 16.31 2.02 51.20 L
0.65 16.51 2.04 51.90 6
0.66 16.71 2.07 52.50 M
0.67 16.92 2.09 53.10
0.67 17.12 2.12 53.80 N
0.68 17.32 2.14 54.40 7
0.69 17.53 2.17 55.10 O
0.70 17.73 2.19 55.70
0.71 17.93 2.22 56.30 P
0.71 18.14 2.24 57.00 8
0.72 18.34 2.27 57.60 Q
0.73 18.54 2.29 58.30
0.74 18.75 2.32 58.90 R
0.75 18.95 2.34 59.50 9
0.75 19.15 2.37 60.20 S
0.76 19.35 2.39 60.80
0.77 19.56 2.42 61.40 T
0.78 19.76 2.44 62.10 10
0.79 19.96 2.47 62.70 10¼ U
0.79 20.17 2.49 63.40 10½
0.80 20.37 2.52 64.00 10¾ V
0.81 20.57 2.54 64.60 11
0.82 20.78 2.57 65.30 11¼ W
0.83 20.98 2.59 65.90 11½
0.83 21.18 2.62 66.60 11¾ X
0.84 21.39 2.65 67.20 12
0.85 21.59 2.67 67.80 12¼ Y
0.86 21.79 2.70 68.50 12½ Z
0.87 22.00 2.72 69.10 12¾
0.87 22.20 2.75 69.70 13  
0.88 22.40 2.77 70.40 13¼ Z1

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for all ring size details ring measurements and
ring sizing conversion chart.


Our Hatton Garden Jewellery Studio London
and Jewellery workshop is
located at :
Suite 26
88-90 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8PN

T: 020 7405 1536
(+44 20 7405 1536)
Our Offices and workshop are open
Monday to Friday, 8.00am - 5.00pm.
Lundi - Vendredi 08.00 - 17.00.

We are closed weekends and bank holidays.

London Ring Szing. We are close to EC2, EC3, EC4, W1, W2, WC1, WC2, N1, NW1, Nw3, NW8, SW1, SE1, E1, E2
Nearby To: Camden, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Chancery Lane, St Pauls, Holborn, Moorgate, Cheapside, Camden, Barbican, Smithfield, Covent Garden, Euston, Kings Cross, Islington,The Strand, Whitechapel The West End, Central London & City of London.

Our in house specialist ring size service and Ring adjustment Hatton Garden London
Ring resizing adjusting Ring sizing

The easiest and most accurate way to find your ring size is to have your finger measured by one of our professional staff.
Using an industry-standard ring sizer, which is a selection of metal rings in all the different ring sizes, we shall quickly ascertain your ring size for you & how to size the ring. Sizing Ladies rings and sizing mens rings.

Extra large ring sizes or extra small ring sizes
Most of our customers and cllients ring can be resized exra large or sized extra small.
Most of our manufactured rings made for ladies are available in sizes H to T. If you require a ring size outside of this range, F to G for example or large than Size U we shall make one especially for you.
Your ring may take a week or two longer to be made. Customers own rings take or two to be resized in our in house London workshop

Ring size is not the same as finger size.
We can determine your proper ring size using a set of steel gauge-rings.These "ring sizers" come in narrow and wide widths.
Fingers change over the course of the day due to diet or work affecting the results using gauge rings.
A wider band can be worn more loosely.
Large knuckles/hands should wear a slightly loose ring, while slimmer knuckles/smaller hands will require a tighter ring.
Most rings can be re-sized, but some cannot, especially Rings made of titanium or tungsten steel, or extremely thin rings.
There are several systems for denoting the sizes of jewellery rings in use around the world.
In the United States and Canada, ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, with quarter and half sizes.An increase of a full size is an increase of 0.032 inch (0.8128 mm) in diameter, or roughly 1/10 inch (more precisely, 0.1005 in or 2.55 mm) in inside circumference. Also, on one finger alone a person may vary more than a whole ring size- depending on time of day, work performed, and other swelling-inducing activities/conditions.
Therefore, in most cases quarter-sizes are meaningless unless one needs precise accuracy with a particular ring.
In Europe (excluding Ireland and the United Kingdom), ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, with half sizes.
In Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia, ring sizes are specified using an alphabetical scale, with half sizes. In Japan, ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, that only has whole sizes. In Switzerland, ring sizes are specified using a numerical scale, with quarter and half sizes. In Germany, ring sizes are specified using actual internal circumference in mm. (the same as ISO).
The ISO standard for ring sizes is ISO 8653:1986, which defines standard ring sizes in terms of the inner circumference of the ring measured in millimetres.

Ring Alterations London. Hatton Gardens
We can have your own rings sized, altered or re-sized and looking as good as new in our on site jewellery workshop Rings polished and rhodium plated. Rings Resized in our own Hatton Garden London workshop. Specialists for platinum ring sizing and gold ring resizing. Engagement Ring sizing, Wedding ring resizing London Ring Resize experts.
We can replace a thin shank, a thin band or a worn shank. Sterling Siilver, Pallladium and Gold, Yellow Gold, White gold, Rose gold, Pink Gold 9ct, .375, 14ct, .585, 14k, 18ct, .750, 18k, 22ct gold, Platinum.

How much will it cost? This depends on the type of ring and what work is required. Bring your ring to us and we will give you a FREE ESTIMATE for ring resizing.

Call us for our same day RING SIZING SERVICE.
We shall let you know immediately if it is possible
Ring enlarging London Ring reducing.


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Ring sizing Hatton Garden London.
Ring Size Guide Free Ring Sizer London Jewellers Hatton Garden. All ring size estimates are free.

137 Years of outstanding Service since 1875
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Ring Size Guide

Ring Sizer
Ring resizing London. Ring sizing work, Ring resizing Hatton Garden

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