Designer Earrings for 2020. Real Designer La Scala jewellery is a combination of elegant and exquisite design. Our selection of designer earrings are sourced from some of the World’s most exciting jewellery designers to order online. Contemporary Earring Designs created with attention to detail by goldsmiths of merit using stunning gemstones and precious metals of 18ct Gold. This dedication to perfection creates some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world. The La Scala jewellery collection of designer earrings. Our La Scala Earrings come in various shapes and sizes, including classic studs, gorgeous colourful gemstone earrings with sensational colours, Cocktail Earrings, contemporary styles. Colourful drop earrings and flamboyant drop earrings. Similar to Princess Grace Timeless and adaptable designer earrings with subtle detail, stylish, sparkling with a dramatic splash of colour. Celebrities routinely seek out our gemstone collection for the sophisticated colour techniques and design. Contemporary Earrings London.  Our exquisite range of designer earrings from talented jewellery designers. Gemstone Contemporary gold earrings. Beautifully designed Designer Earrings to buy on line.

A pair of Citrine single stone earrings set in 18ct Yellow Gold.

A vibrant pair of Citrine Earrings. Each earring is set with a glowing oval citrine cabochon and mounted in 18ct Yellow Gold. Each citrine measures...... more info

18 carat Yellow Gold and Turquoise Pendant Earrings.

A stunning pair of pendant Turquoise earrings, each set with a turquoise drop suspended from a yellow gold cap. The turquoise measures 9.5 x 38mm....... more info

Contempory Turquoise and Diamond Drop Earrings.18ct White gold.

Turquoise Earrings. A Fine and Willowy pair of Turquoise and Diamond Pendant Earrings. Each of these whimsical earrings are set with a delicate 2st...... more info

A Rose Gold Pair of Ivory Pendant Earrings. 18CT - 750

An amazing pair of Rose Gold and Ivory Pendant Earrings, each of these stunning earrings is composed of a large gold ball to the top to a slightly...... more info

18k Designer White Opal 'Babol' Earrings. (750) White Gold.

18ct gold Earrings set with Magical white opal by Italian designer Eva Nueva. These unique earrings features a oval white opal...... more info

Ivory Single Stone Earrings. 18 carat Gold. An Elegant Pair

A simple yet elegant pair of single stone earrings, each of the earrings in set with an Oval shaped Ivory encased in an 18ct Yellow Gold cup with...... more info

Turquoise and diamond earrings set in 18ct -750 (18k)

A pair of turquoise and diamond earrings set in 18ct white gold. These pretty turquoise earrings are by Italian jewellery designer, Massimo. These...... more info

A Pair of 18K White Gold Pink Coral and Diamond Earrings.

Stunning Pink Coral and Diamond Earrings. Each earring consists of a brilliant cut diamond 3st top to a scrumptious round pink coral. The 6 round...... more info

Oval 18K Gold Aquamarine Earrings set with diamonds

Classic Aquamarine earrings. A pair of Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings. Each earring is designed as a cluster and is composed of a central oval...... more info

A pair of 18K Gold Amethyst Earrings set with diamonds

A pair of round Amethyst and brilliant cut Diamond Earrings. Each of these shimmering cluster earrings is composed of a central claw set circular...... more info


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