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White Fiat 500 Cinquecento Vintage Silver and Enamel


Fiat 500 White - Vintage White Fiat 500 for sale. This funk white historic classic Fiat 500 Cinquecento hand made in Italy in precious Sterling Silver and Enamel White Fiat 500. The Classic Fiat 500 measures 4.5 inches long , 2 inches wide, 2 Inches tall (115 x 50 x 50mm). The Vintage White Fiat 500 will fit any reasonably sized garage! This is a most collectable piece of Objet d'art from Arezzo Italy. Our Rare Fiat 500 is 100% eco-friendly and produces zero emissions.

The Fiat 500 or "Bambino" as they are affectionately known in Italy was conceived by Dante Giacosa  and born on May 1st 1957. Fiat’s new baby featured unitary construction, a fabric roof and all-independent suspension while carrying its air-cooled, overhead-valve twin engine at the rear and a first for Fiat. The four-speed gearbox added practical class in such a small car. Introduced in 1968 alongside the standard 500F, the deluxe 500L, while mechanically identical, came with exterior cosmetic enhancements and an improved interior featuring new instrument panel, seats and floor covering. An immense success for FIAT, almost 3,000,000 of these adorable little cars had been sold when production ceased in 1975.  Many still exist and can be given a careful and tender re-birth. If you're hunting for an increasingly practical and economical piece of history, you've come to the right place to do the Bossa Nova.
This is the  best place online to find quality white Fiat 500's -  Unfortunately our vintage Fiat 500 model has no Abs, no power steering, no central locking, no electric windows, no electric mirrors, no air conditioning, No airbag, no cd system, no full service history and no mot.
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If the original Fiat 500 were still around it would be celebrating its 55th birthday. This twin-cylinder, puttering bubble of a car helped motorise postwar Italy, driving its way into the heart of the nation, and much of Europe too.Fiat has revived it. This new Fiat 500 makes you happy. A glance at it has you smiling – this is an old friend in modern wrapping. www.fiat.co.uk/Showroom/#showroom/new_500


The Fiat badge & Fiat logo by courtesy of Fiat Spa

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  • Gemstone: Silver & Enamel

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