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Ilford Advocate 35mm camera

This Ilford Advocate 35mm is in generally very good condition with minor signs of use in the way of a few marks. Dallmeyer 35mm F3.5 lens in  good working order.
The Ilford Advocate is a white-enamelled die-cast aluminium alloy 35mm camera made in the UK by Kennedy Instruments, a subsidiary of Ilford. It was introduced in 1949 (series 1), and updated in 1952 (series 2) with a larger lens and flash sync; production stopped in 1957.
It was said to be the first British 35mm camera to go on sale. The flash connector was a pair of sockets fitted to the side of the lens mount - of Ilford's own design, and the camera was supplied with an accessory cable to connect to these - rather than use a (by this time standard) PC connector.
Shutter: Rotary (with Flash sync on series 2), speeds 1/25-1/200 + B
Lens: Dallmeyer Anastigmat 35mm f3.5 (series 2), stopping to f.22, focusing 3ft - infinity

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  • Model: Ilford Advocate 35mm camera
  • Gemstone: Silver & Enamel

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