Designer Gemstone Necklaces

Contempory designer necklaces and pendants to buy online, from a selection of the world’s finest jewellery designers. La Scala jewellery London understand that different occasions means different styles of designer necklaces. We have embraced everything from designer pendants, gemstone gold and pearl necklaces chunky gem necklaces tp order online. These are bound to make a strong statement. If you want colour and impact or for exquisite gemstone diamond necklaces you have arrived at the perfect designer jewellery collection.
Some of the hottest new looks are "Pietre d'Amore" Gemstone Necklaces and Fashion Necklaces. Contemporary necklaces gemstones and precious stone necklaces in this collection of contemporary designer jewellery. Celebrity jewellery. Impressive designs that will delight any wearer of modern jewellery. All Individually hand-made. Pietre d'Amore Unique handmade designer gemstone Jewelry necklaces London to purchase here online.

Black Onyx Agate and Pearl Necklace

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Agate  Pearl and Black Onyx Necklace. Chic necklace of polished black onyx, styled with three creamy white baroque pearls and cream agate...... more info

Clear Quartz Pearl & Obsidian Necklace

Pearl, Clear Quartz & Obsidian Necklace. Striking tones of black faceted obsidian nestling amongst white fresh water pearls and clear quartz...... more info

Pearl Clear Quartz and White Agate Necklace

White Agate Clear Quartz and Pearl  Necklace . A chi-chi quality necklace adorned with faceted agate, radiant clear quartz and lustrous grey...... more info

Pearl, Clear Quartz and Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Pearl and Clear Quartz Necklace. Translucent amethysts harmonising with delicious grey and white fresh water pearls and clear quartz rock...... more info

Obsidian and Rock Crystal Necklace

Clear Quartz and Obsidian Necklace Obsidian and Clear Quartz. Our obsidian and rock crystal necklace is simple yet stunning. It...... more info

Rock Crystal and Pearl Necklace

Pearl and Rock Crystal Necklace Pearl and Rock Crystal. Graceful creamy white fresh water pearls nestling amidst q string of...... more info

Obsidian and Clear Quartz Necklace

Clear Quartz and Obsidian Necklace Obsidian and Clear Quartz  A stunner! Our dazzlingly cut obsidian and shimmering faceted clear...... more info

Four strand Turquoise Necklace with Gold and Amber

Ravishing Gold and Amber Turquoise Necklace with Four strands of fine gold and turquoise nuggets designed by Eva Nueva. Three wek delivery... more info

Briolette Smokey Quartz & Diamond Necklace - 18ct Yellow Gold

A stylish contemporary necklace set with Briolette Cut, Oval Smokey Quartz beads alternating with spectacle set, Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Each...... more info

Black pearl and faceted rock crystal necklace

Clear Quartz and Pearl Necklace Classic fresh water pearls with three enchanting faceted rock crystal gemstones. Pearls measure 9mm Quartz measure 8...... more info


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