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Vespa Piaggio GS150 - Silver and enamel scooter.


One of the best-loved models The the Vespa 150 GS introduced in 1955 with a 150 cc engine, a long saddle, and the faired handlebar-headlamp unit. The styling of the G.S. is, without doubt, the pinnacle of Piaggio's scooter design. It is a smooth and integrated design. It is indeed the height of form and function. This very impressive machine is hand made in Sterling silver and red enamel in Arezzo Italy. A fine compliment to any historic Vespa collection. This is a wonderful machine to drive. The scooter is very nimble and fast. Even now, 55 years from its debut, comports itself well on today's roads. The design was so far ahead of its time, that it still looks fresh, and its "sporting" motor is fast enough to keep up with modern traffic in the living room.
The best way to find out how good our vintage Vespas are, is to test drive one.
Without exception, every one who has tried these cute little scooters, have been amazed at just how good they are. We have a very large in house traffic free area, where you can have test drive all our classic scooters.
Please book your scooter test drive in advance as appointments are necessary.

Share your passion for Vespa : www.vespa.com Discover all the Vespa models, accessories and original lifestyle items of the world's famous italian brand.
www.it.vespa.com - Benvenuto nel sito ufficiale di Vespa

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  • Model: Vespa Piaggio GS150 Red Scooter
  • Gemstone: Enamel

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