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Fiat Cinquecento baby blue Fiat 500


Fiat 500 Blue Fiat Baby blue 500 -  Our Vintage Fiat 500: Fiat's hot 500 Baby Blue Cinquecento warms up for action. Size isn't everything, as the hotly anticipated Sterling Silver & Enamel Fiat 500 proves. Under the stubby bonnet of our Light Blue Fiat 500 - which features the Sacchetti logo is a new 150bhp 1.4-litre turbocharged engine. This unit should be capable of propelling the little 500 from 0-60mph in around seven seconds. This performance will put it head-to-head with our Enamel White and Red Fiats on any coffee table. Our Classic Baby Blue Fiat 500 is hand made in Arezzo with love and completely eco friendly! The Classic Light Blue Fiat 500 measures 4.5 inches long , 2 inches wide, 2 Inches tall (115 x 50 x 50mm). No Car Tax or MOT required! Volare! Italian craftsmanship. Fiat 500 Blue. Hand made in Italy
The best way to find out how good our Fiat 500's are, is a London Fiat test drive
Without exception, every one who has tried these cute little cars, have been amazed at just how good they are. We have a very large in house traffic free area, where you can have test drive all our classic cars.
Please book your test drive in advance as appointments are necessary.

If the original Fiat 500 were still around it would be celebrating its 56th birthday. This twin-cylinder, puttering bubble of a car helped motorise postwar Italy, driving its way into the heart of the nation, and much of Europe too.Fiat has revived it. This new Fiat 500 makes you happy. A glance at it has you smiling – this is an old friend in modern wrapping. www.fiat.co.uk/Showroom/#showroom/new_500

The Fiat badge & Fiat logo by courtesy of Fiat Spa

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  • Gemstone: Silver & Enamel

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